Rental of capacity on satellites

The leading Russian DTO operator STV offers delivery of the signal of TV channels and radio stations to more than 99% of pay TV operators throughout Russia. Broadcasting on the STV platform allows providing a signal of about 98% of the territory of the Russian Federation.

This offer has no analogues in the Russian market. The Russian satellites Express-AT1 (56 ° E) and Express-AT2 (140 ° E), used by our company, were put into orbit on March 16, 2014. These space vehicles, which have a powerful energy of data transmission, belong to the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Space Communications", what is a guarantee of stability of their work, as well as independence from negative external economic factors and foreign capital.

The satellite ABS-2A, launched on January 21, 2017, occupies an orbital position 75 ° east, which is unique for Russia. Broadcasting from this position provides coverage with a signal of the territory from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin, as well as the CIS and Baltic countries. STV provides a resource on the ABS-2A satellite in the Ku-band. Transponder capacities of the spacecraft allow to place TV channels in SD, DV, HD and UHD (4K) format.

Forming of round-the-clock broadcasting of TV channels (PLAYOUT)

As part of the Playout service, STV offers a full range of works for the preparation and round-the-clock broadcasting of TV channels:

  • Current and operational scheduling of the channel grid;

  • Preparation, processing, import of play-lists;

  • Digitization and storage of content;

  • Inserting video materials in real time;

  • Provision of a TV channel broadcasting in 24/7 mode;

  • Realization of live broadcasts;

  • Recording of TV channel broadcasting with the option of its store;

  • Emergency reservation of broadcasting.

Formation of the program grid takes place on the most modern equipment; with the provision of airtime the latest technologies are used. STV specialists will help to solve any technical issues related to the image format, sound quality, image dissection frequency, etc. The signal of the TV channel prepared for broadcasting will be delivered by our company to the point of uplink to the satellite. The operator staff performs the work on the requests of the highest level of complexity.

Ground-based delivery of a signal

The leading Russian DTO operator STV broadcasts the signal not only via satellite. The company has the resources for ground-based delivery of content to anywhere in the World via fiber or IP. For a signal transmission, the most modern infrastructure is used, what guarantees its delivery without loss of quality to the destination. STV together with its technology partner provides a service of a ground-based delivery of TV channel signal from the center of its formation to a specified point.

The signal delivery at high speed (CDN)

STV together with its technology partner provides a television or audio signal delivery service at high speed using CDN technology. The Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed network of servers that provides fast signal delivery to end customers by the most efficient route on the Internet.

Distribution of content via the CDN network allows:

  • Improve the performance of sites and applications;

  • Increase the download speed of the end customer;

  • Reduce the cost of distribution of content.

For TV channels, the CDN service is particularly interesting for accelerating the delivery of video content to geographically remote regions and the possibility of organizing Internet broadcasting. Obviously, response time and download speed have a significant impact on the number of content views, and therefore, on the size of the profit. The use of the CDN service allows eliminating these disadvantages and significantly increasing the conversion of the site.

Around-the-clock technical support

For continuous monitoring of the quality of television broadcasts, STV offers to TV channels around-the-clock technical support of broadcasting. As part of the service, the company's employees monitor the technical parameters of the signal and the quality of the picture in the 24/7 mode. In the event of a broadcast failure and other abnormal situations, the on-duty change of the STV monitoring immediately informs the customer and undertakes the steps envisaged by the contract for the speedy troubleshooting.

Signal coding

STV, at the request of the right holder, provides the coding of the TV channel signal with the IRDETO conditional access system. The coding systems of this Dutch developer company are used to protect mobile communications and TV content in various digital television standards. IRDETO technologies cover about 500 million users around the world, using more than 1 billion devices and applications. The maximum degree of protection of this system is confirmed by the Class A safety certificate obtained by Irdeto Access B.V. in 2011. Coding is carried out in the Technical Center "Shabolovka" of FSUE "Space Communication".

Transmitting and receiving content using the Zixi protocol

STV provides a service for transmitting and receiving a signal using the Zixi protocol. The service is designed for round-the-clock live broadcasting of linear TV channels with a specified broadcast quality over any IP network, including the public Internet.

The service, among other things, includes QoS-protected delivery of live broadcast-grade video content at a fixed and predictable latency that can be sub-second globally, bandwidth optimization, network-aware Zixi proprietary forward error correction and packet loss recovery technology, delivery of flawless, low latency broadcast video channels even in high jitter and 40+% sustained packet loss conditions.

The service is available both on an ongoing basis and on one-time orders.