STV, leading Russian DTO-operator, launched new youth TV channel “Go” on May 3, 2018. All of its content, addressed for an audience of young people of 10-25 years old, produces by popular video bloggers. Broadcasting carried out with the ABS-2A spacecraft (75 ° E). The channel's signal is available on 98% of the territory of the Russian Federation.
“Go” is a TV channel, based on the culture of Internet blogging. The broadcast schedule consists of YouTube trends reviews, travel shows, pranksters, automobile reviews, horror and adventures shows, fashion and beauty programs, games streams and sport challenges. Well-known and novice video bloggers, who will create their own programs, will become frontman of the channel. Igor Voitenko will give advice on fitness, Brodyaga Fishay will tell you how to travel the world without money and a phone, Alex Super will show abandoned places on the planet, Huseyn Hasanov will deal with pranks in the project “Podstava”, and Arina Danilova will become the author and VJ of music project “Potopali v TOP".

To receive the TV channel signal, use the following parameters:
ABS-2A: orbital position - 75 ° E, frequency - 10,985 MHz, horizontal polarization, 8PSK modulation, symbol rate - 35.007 Msymb / s, FEC 3/4.