STV has started to broadcast a new channel “Pobeda”

On the 9th of April 2019 STV, the leading Russian DTO-operator, started to broadcast a new channel, called “Pobeda”, dedicated to World War II. According to the producers of “CHANNEL ONE” Digital TV Family, “Pobeda” is a tribute to the older generation and the baton to the younger one. STV, in its turn, is proud to provide its technical platform (satellite ABS-2A, 75° E) to broadcast this significant TV project.

The main idea of the channel “Pobeda” is to show the most memorable event of the 20th century in 24/7 mode. You are welcome to enjoy the most favorite Soviet films and modern blockbusters about heroic deeds, as well as the rare war chronicles with profound analysis, reconstructions based on previously undisclosed archives and documentary films. One of the most significant events will be the broadcasting of annual procession of the Immortal Regiment.

To receive the signal use the following parameters:

Transponder FSS18, Frequency – 11045 MHz, horizontal polarization, modulation – 8PSK, Symbol rate - 35.0070 Msymb/s, FEC ¾, DVB standard – DVB-S2.