STV, the leading domestic DTO-operator, has placed into service a new hardware-broadcasting complex (HBC). The technological solutions chosen during the creation of the complex have no analogues in Russia. The HBC update allows the company to provide the Playout service - the formation of TV channel airtime and providing of its broadcasting - to more partners. Currently, the operator provides this service to more than 60 TV channels.
The new STV complex corresponds to the current technological trends of world television and radio broadcasting and has no analogues in Russia. The launch of HBC timed to the international industry exhibition IBC in Amsterdam. Recall that the previous hardware-broadcasting complex of STV, which commissioned 4 years ago, also became innovative for our country, which was highly appreciated by the professional community: the operator received the main prize of IBC-2014 in the nomination Broadcasting Complex 2014.
“Upgrading equipment for us is not only a commercial issue, but also ideological, so to speak, - the operator’s CEO Yulia Shakhmanova comments. - The philosophy of STV is to do our best for the development of Russian television and radio broadcasting, to observe sensitively to new technologies and trends in the industry, in a timely manner to offer our customers the best service. We are confident that the rapid introduction of innovations is the right strategy, especially in the conditions of tough market competition”.
“Our TV channels were the first to transfer to the new HBC, and we have already managed to appreciate its capabilities, - says Robert Gndolyan, CEO of Digital Television. - Our company, as one of the flagships of the television industry, very carefully approaches the choice of partners, and STV fully complies with high standards in terms of technology and personnel. The formation of the broadcast on the innovation complex further enhances the confidence that the TV channels of Digital Television will retain their leading positions throughout the Russian Federation, while the signal quality will remain consistently high”.
The STV broadcasting complex developed based on the SMPTE ST2022-6 IP technology. Combining the company's standard (COTS) IT equipment with Dell PowerEdge servers and Cisco Nexus switches, the complex’s commercial efficiency, full system backup and flexibility in subsequent capacity expansion were achieved. The processes of layout, complex graphic design, monitoring of broadcasting and equipment fully automated. Among other things, provided integration with Adobe After Effects and the MAM GV / SAM Momentum system for archiving and on-air preparation.
The STV operator (OAO Satellite TV) is the undisputed leader of the Russian Direct-to-Operate market. STV is the first 100% Russian telecommunication company using a domestic satellite resource to provide services. Since its founding in 2013, STV provides a full range of services for the formation and delivery of television and radio signals to pay TV operators throughout Russia, and also offers provision of the television channel’s life cycle - from the formation of a program grid to monitoring the air 24/7 (Playout service) . To date, STV delivers a signal of more than 100 TV channels and radio stations.